Sunday, September 13, 2009

We've been bitten by the Stomach Bug!

Oh yes, you read correctly..... The trips have a stomach virus. Just when we had gotten them on a great schedule and they were sleeping through the night......BAM! We got hit with a virus. Seriously? I feel like I've been careful with the trips. Yes, we've taken them out of the house a little, and I let them be around their cousins this summer, but I've been careful. The bad thing is, Jack got "the bug" because Jackson or I brought it in the house. We went over to Jackson's parent's house(and didn't even take the trio). Unfortunately, I had no idea that our neice had diarreah and had thrown up that morning. Soooooo......of course we were playing with the little cutie, and Aunt Jill was loving all over her. Then I came home, and I did sanitize up to my elbows, but I guess that didn't quite get it. Jack started a couple days later and the poor little fellow has had it for three weeks now. Gabe and Isabella started four days after Jack, so you can only imagine all the diapers we have been going through. I took Jack to the doctor and my mom and I had the priviledge of getting a stool sample. Just imagine trying to get a sample from a runny diaper. We even tried putting Saran Wrap in the little guys diaper. Still didn't work, but finally mom was able to get enough(thanks mama!). Dr. Holly thought it was either the Rotavirus or a bacterial infection(can't remember the name of it, but I'll let you know). I have to say, these past three weeks have been a real challenge for me. I have felt so sorry for my babies, bacause I feel like they have been suffering unneccesarily. It is so frustrating when your children are hurting and there is nothing that you can do about it. And for three weeks! Hello! Jack is scrauny enough already, and the sweet baby has lost so much weight. Gabe on the other hand..... He would throw up, have diarreah, and still scream for his bottle. We offered Pedialite between feedings(once the vomiting stopped), and now Gabe wants his "Pedialite Snack." Not Good. Thank God, Isabella has had the smallest case of it. She only threw up twice, and her diarrea is only about once or twice a day(unfortunately it happens to be in the middle of the night).

I called Dr. Holly back on Friday, bacause I was really starting to get worried about my baby boy. Three weeks is just too long for a baby, especially a five month old preemie, to have this bug. There's got to be something they can do. So she called in a prescription for both of the boys, and I am praying that it works!

So now, we start from square one. The schedule has gone out the window. I'm trying really, really hard to get them back on track, but it's hard when they wake in the middle of the night with a stinky diaper. Hopefully soon this will all be over and the entire family can start getting some sleep again.

Just for fun, here are a few pics of the trips getting ready to watch the Bulldogs play. GOOOOOO DAWGS!
Gabe, Isabella and Jack

Isabella working on her cheerleading moves

Her outfit is complete

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