Tuesday, March 3, 2009

30 Weeks(Measuring 41)

I had my 30 week doctor's appointment today, and things went pretty well. The good news.....the babie and me are doing great. All the munchkins are 3lbs or over and I couldn't be more happy. Also, my cervical length is still nice and long. The bad news....I'm starting to get really, really uncomfortable. I hate to complain, and I am thrilled to have made it this far, but I'm ready to get these babies out of me. I have enjoyed every bit of my pregnancy....until now.
Dr. Leach said he still thinks I have a couple weeks in me, which is good, but boy I'm ready.
I also found out that he is going to be out of town all of next week! I'm a little nervous about that, considering I always assumed he would do my c-section. The other docs in the practice are awesome, but Dr. Leach is my man. I'm just going to try to rest, rest, rest and do absolutley nothing next week to try to hold off.
I go to the fetal specialist on thursday, so I'll get some accurate mearurements of the trips and make sure they are still going strong. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures, but they are so squished at this point.
I can't wait to see my babies!
This is 29 weeks, but you get the idea

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  1. You look awesome! Hang in there, girl. We are sending lots of prayers and love your way!

  2. Hey Jill, It's MaMaMia - in case this comment post with someone else's name - I'm here sitting right across the creek from you and thinking about you all day long. I am glad you mentioned that you are measuring 41 weeks. Hardly any of us every experience that length of time in a pregnancy and the discomfort would be almost unbearable. But, you look great and your attitude is absolutely the best. Can't wait until I get that phone call and we all rush to St. Mary's to see our precious little babies!!

  3. Hey Jill,
    What pediatrician are you going to use? I work for Dr. Newman and Dr. McCorkle in Athens if you don't have one yet. They are awesome people. You could come do a prenatal visit with us if you are interested and see if you like them. Our office # is 706-548-1216. Good Luck over the next couple of weeks. You will do great.

  4. Congrats Jill! I asked Kasi about you and she said I could check in on you with the blog! The babies are going to be sooo sweet.


  5. You look great. You do make my back hurt though I am so happy for you both. Please keep the updates coming.

    Jackson's cousin Sunni