Monday, March 16, 2009

Stick A Fork In Me.....

'cause I am DONE! Friday night I noticed that Gabe was not moving like I was used to. Jackson tried to reassure me that everything was fine, but I didn't sleep that night worrying that something was wrong. These babies have always been so, so active, and out of nowhere, Gabe was still. I called the doctor on Saturday morning and pretty much lost it on the phone. I couldn't stop crying and told it I was a nervous wreck. Of course, she told me to come to the hospital to monitor the babies, so that's what I did. Thank God, all three babies heartbeats sounded great, but they wanted to do an ultrasound. Dr. Campbell noticed that Gabe's fluid levels seemed a little low and that could be why his movement slowed down. She offered for me to stay in the hospital and I said "yes!" Up to this point, I have been anti-hospital, but I think I've gone as long as I can go. (Here comes the complaining) I'm uncomfortable as hell(measuring 44 weeks pregnant), emotionally and physically exhausted, and I've made it to my goal week of 32 weeks. I've had enough!!!!

31 weeks

So, the fetal specialist came in this morning to check on the babies fluid, and he said everything looked great. Don't get me wrong....I thank the Good Lord everyday that my babies are super healthy and that I have made it this far, but I am ready for them to be born. When he left, I just cried and cried and felt so guilty for the way I reacted to his news. What a selfish mama I am to want them out. They are doing great and I'm crying? Things could be so much worse! I know I'm very blessed to be where I am, and I'm trying to change my attitude. So please keep me and the triplets in your prayers and pray that they come when God is ready for them to. For now, I'm in the hospital until the babies decide to make their appearance, which means I'll be blogging a lot more.

Sorry for the no make-up face

Just for fun, here's a picture of Jackson and me on my very last night out. I went to our friends Dominic and Diana's wedding reception. I only went for about an hour, and it was next door to our house. And yes.....I did wear heels!

Having a contraction before going to the reception. I know, I know :)

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  1. Oh Yeah, Jill! It won't be long now. Hang in there girl. You are tough! I will be looking on here to see if they have arrived. Can I bring you anything? I am in Athens every day. Which hospital?

  2. Jill, Ned and I feel that God has blessed our family so much by bringing you into all of our lives. We could not search the world over and find a more wonderful, unselfish, kind and loving wife for our son and mother for our grandchildren than you.

    We trust that God will take good care of you and your precious babies and bring them into this world for you and Jackson to raise as only he has planned.

  3. i was JUST thinking about you today!

    not many people can say "i truly understand and feel your pain"!!! but i completely do! hang in there woman!!! pretty soon you'll be crying because the babies ARE born/ AREN'T protected in your belly anymore and you can't feel them moving around in your stomach like you used to! (good 'ole fun hormones! TIMES 3, in your case!)

    it is somewhat comforting to be in the hospital. i encourage you to take this time to relax as much as you can (ha!), rest as much as you can(ha!), and enjoy the peace and quiet. it will NEVER be the same---but i wouldn't change it for the world!

    blessings to you!!! we are so excited to see our "cousins" soon! 32 weeks---you ROCK mama!
    love you guys so much,

  4. Hey Jill, so glad Doreen posted your blogspot on facebook. Sunni has been telling me about it. Just wanted to let you know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Please make sure someone posts on facebook when we have news.

    Love, good wishes and most especially prayers,

  5. You still look awesome and don't feel bad for being upset that they aren't born yet. You are going to make an awesome mom! :) Most of us could never imagine measuring 44 weeks pregnant; it has to be so hard! Let me know if you need anything; I'm right across the street at Clarke Middle, so I can run over and bring you whatever you need! I was a big fan of Chic-fil-a w/Kate. She's 3 months now; maybe we can have a play date when that babes get big and strong!

    much love,

  6. Jill,
    I met you at Brittany's wedding. My daughter Ansley went to school with her, ( MTSU).
    I have been following your pregnancy with both yours and her blogs.
    Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you to receive the patience you need for this last " End of the race " You look terrific and have done an awesome job to make it this far !!!
    Can not wait to hear the " Breaking" news !!!
    God Bless ALL of you...
    Judy Oshinski

  7. ok, that pic of you having the contraction is HILARIOUS!!! YOU ARE AWESOME. thank you for holding on to my sweet little nephews and my princess bella this long... can't wait to meet the little rascals!