Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gabe Is Home!!

I'm such a terrible blogger. My sweet baby Gabe has been home since Saturday, and I'm just blogging about it. We're finally starting to settle in, so hopefully I'll get better at this.

Jackson & Gabe with oxygen in tow

But anyway......

Praise God! All three of my babies are home! We were able to bring Gabe home Saturday. We had to bring him home on oxygen, but at least he's home. I have to admit, it has been a little overwhelming to bring a baby home hooked up to oxygen tank, but we're trying to adjust.

Look at that precious face!

I thought I was going to lose it after we got Gabe home. Besides the oxygen, they sent us home with a monitor that tells us his oxygen saturation. We're only supposed to do spot checks on him, but of course, I'm a little paranoid, so I wanted to leave it on him. About the time Gabe's monitor started alarming, Jack got choked. His little lips turned blue as he was trying to gasp for air. Luckily we got him under control, but we were still having trouble with Gabe's monitor. We called Gabe's favorite NICU nurse, Lisa, who gave us a couple tips, and Jackson seemed to get it figured out. I, on the other hand, just wanted to cry or run away, or both. This is such a scary time when they are this young, and I am so paranoid. Couldn't they just send a NICU nurse home with us until they were about three or four months old? :) Seriously, I've just heard stories of mom's finding their children not breathing, and it scares me to death. What if that happens and I don't know what to do? I'm so worried that I would freeze. I'm just praying that I don't ever have to go through that.

Ok....I just had to get all of that off my chest. I know things could be much worse, and believe me, I know how incredibly blessed I am.

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  1. When I brought home my twins, I worried so much about them stopping breathing I got an angel care monitor. (Available at Toys R Us and It is only $100 for each child, and goes off when they do not breathe for 20 seconds. There were some false alarms (Mostly when I got them out of bed and forgot to turn it off) But the peace of mind it gave me was PRICELESS. You can get them used cheaper on ebay.

    Got to and read the reviews. They save lives!


  2. That would be so scary. Not only do you have the tremendous responsibility of 3 babies, but they require special care. You are well within your right to be nervous. Just have faith in yourself. That motherly instict will kick in.

  3. He is so precious. What a gift from God all of them are. I'd be nervous too, but all will be well.